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Audrey Guttman (B. 1987, Brussels) is a Belgian artist based in Paris. Audrey is a multidisciplinary artist whose research-based practice examines our relationship with images, both material and imaginary. Focusing on collage, mixed media, and poetry, her practice dissects and reassembles found fragments in order to disrupt established connotations and reveal unexpected parallels rendering contemporary dissonance with a sense of profound sensibility.


2013 Master of Research in Art history, theory and literature, EHESS, Paris (FR)

2011 Master (Honors), Ecole de la Communication, SciencesPo, Paris (FR)

2009 Undergraduate degree in political science, SciencesPo, Paris (FR)

Solo Shows

2024 (Forthcoming) Solo show. Christie's. Paris (FR)

2024 Doll House Blues. GALERIE MIGHELA SHAMA. Geneva (CH)

2023 Tsimtsoum. Ketabi Bourdet and Galerie Nathalie Obadia. Brussels (BE)

2022 J'ai vu le fond de l'absurde et je n'ai pas fait le poids. Handle with care. Paris (FR)

2022 I’ll be your mirror. Ketabi Bourdet. Paris (FR)

2021 Au-delà du visage: Audrey Guttman / Ji?í Kolá?. Futura Art Gallery. Pietrasanta (IT)

2021 Là où les années ne tournent pas les pages. Il Salviatino. Florence (IT)

2021 Through The Looking-Glass. Spazio Nobile Studiolo. Brussels (BE)

2021 Making Arrangements. Hangar Photo Art Center. Brussels (BE)

2020 Masks. Galerie Emilie Dujat. Art Sablon. Brussels (BE)

2019 Diaphores. Hangar Photo Art Center. Brussels (BE)

Group Shows (selected)

2023 Greetings from - Le monde en carte postale. Galerie Vallois. Paris (FR)

2023 Light My Fire. Ketabi Bourdet: Paris (FR)

2023 artgenève. GALERIE MIGHELA SHAMA. Geneva (CH)

2022 Glace à l'italienne. Ketabi Bourdet. Paris (FR)

2022 Art Paris Art Fair. Ketabi Bourdet. Paris (FR)

2022 Minutiae. GALERIE MIGHELA SHAMA. Geneva (CH

2020 Sorry We Are Claus. Avee gallery. Courtrai (BE)

2020 Beyond the bushes. Art Sablon. Brussels (BE)

2019 Collage Atlas. Verbeke Foundation. Belgium (BE)

2018 The Shape of Music (trio show). Museo dei Bozzetti. Pietrasanta (IT)

2018 Unnatural Symmetry. Rochester Society. New York City (NY)

2018 Masks in Motion. Ground Control. Paris (FR)

Artist Books

2024 Doll House Blues. GALERIE MIGHELA SHAMA

2022 I’ll be your mirror. Ketabi Bourdet

2021 Là où les années ne tournent pas les pages. Gli Ori Editori

2021 Al di là del volto. Futura art gallery

2020 Making Arrangements, artist book, self-published


2023 Chapelle Saint-Antoine. Naxos (GRC)

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