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Johan Deckmann was born in 1976. He lives and works in Copenhagen.


2024 group show, LOVE, Loughran Gallery, London (UK)

2022 group show, Once Upon A Time in Mayfair at Phillips Auction House, London (UK)

2021 Woaw Gallery. Hong Kong (HK)

2021 Maki Gallery. Tokyo (JP)

2021 The Art of Not Falling Apart. Galerie Mighela Shama. Geneva (CH)

2021 Galerie Soon. Zurich (CH)

2021 Restoration: Now or never. Save Art Space.

2021 Public art exhibition curated by Aindrea Emelife, Anne Verhallen, Daria Borisova,

Destinee Sutton-Ross and Michael Xufu Huang. Supported by Hauser & Wirth.

London (UK)

2021 Urvanity Art Fair. Badr El Jundi Gallery. Madrid (ES)

2021 Sotheby’s Vienna fundraiser auction. Austria.

2021 Solo show. Rhodes Contemporary Art.

2021 LPoarnsdoonns. School of Design. New York City (NY)

2021 Sirin Gallery. Copenhagen (DK)

2020 G / ART / EN. Reading Between The Lines. Como (IT)

2020 Khr?ma. Marbella (ES)

2020 Guy Hepner. New York City (NY)

2020 Art Is Love. BG Gallery. San Francisco (SF)

2020 Human After All. Colección. Madrid (ES)

2019 Rhodes Contemporary Art

2019 London Art Fair. Rhodes Contemporary Art. London (UK)

2019 Arsham Fieq Gallery, New York City (NY)

2019 Thinkspace Projects. Re-Beginning. Curated by Paintquide. Los Angeles (CA)

2019 Megaplex Worldwide Exhibition. 1989.

2019 Vanzak Gallery. Sáo Pailo (BR)

2019 HERE + NOW. Pablo’s Birthday. New York (NY)

2018 Fantasia. Spoke Art Gallery. San Francisco (CA)

2018 It Takes Time, It’s Risky and It Might Last Forever. Arp Museum. Remagen (DE)

2018 Windowlicker. Galleri Benoni. Copenhagen (DK)

2018 Book Club. Unspeakable Projects Gallery. New York (NY)

2018 What Can I Say?. Montserrat College of Art Galleries

2018 The Annual Winter Group Show. Christopher Egelund Gallery. Copenhagen (DK)

Public Collections

Colección Solo. Madrid (ES)

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