Julia von Eichel

Julia Von Eichel (B. 1974, St-Gallen) is a Swiss artist based in New York City.

Julia von Eichel attended the Corcoran School of the Arts in DC and The Art Institute in Chicago before graduating from the School of Visual Arts in 1996. Her work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions at Perrotin, September, Lucien Terras, Sperone Westwater, Lesley Heller, Sarah Meltzer, Winston Wachter, the DeCordova Museum, and the Children’s Museum of the Arts, among many others.

Her work is held in multiple private collections, including Goldman Sachs and Microsoft, and has been featured in publications from Artillery Magazine to the Wall Street Journal, from the New York Times to The New Yorker. She lives and works in Brooklyn, NY and Gallatin, NY.

As an artist, Julia has has challenged existing modes of technique in every phase of her career. She considers herself a sculptor, even when working in two dimensions—the manipulation of material, with the aim of expressing inner turmoil, manifests itself at times in tangles of string, structures of silk and snapped dowels, or planes of oil paint etched with a razor. Her hands are her preferred tools: sewing, burnishing, tying, or sliding color as if it were an object, not just a hue. A constant in her decades of exploration has been the tension between the many emotions that battle one another under the surface of existence, the barely contained and unsayable contradictions at the heart of being human. Her current work, part sorrow in their somber tones and part joy in their bursts of bright colors, are her answers to all the frustration, pain, catharsis and connection of the past few years.


2025 Perrotin. New York (USA)

2022 Pricked and Broken. Visitor Center. Newburgh (USA)

2021 Digital Exhibition, Winston Wächter Fine Art. New York (USA)

2016 Scream In My Throat. Winston Wächter Fine Art. New York (USA)

2015 Untitled Lucien Terras. New York (USA)

2014 Bridge Project Children's Museum of the Arts. New York (USA)

2011 Untitled. Addison Ripley Gallery. Washington (USA)

2008 Untitled. Sara Meltzer Gallery. New York (USA)

2005 Untitled. Michael Steinberg Fine Art. New York (USA)

2002 Untitled. Jay Grimm Gallery. New York (USA)

2001 Untitled. Addison/Ripley Gallery. Washington (USA)

2000 Untitled. Jay Grimm Gallery. New York (USA)

1998 Untitled. Second Street Gallery. Charlottesville (USA)

Selected group shows

 2024 Summer Show. GALERIE MIGHELA SHAMA. Geneva (CH)

2024 Perrotin. New York (USA)

2024 Frieze NY. Perrotin (USA)

2024 Dallas Art Fair. Perrotin (USA)

2023 Danysz Gallery. Paris (FR)

2023 Sarah Shepard Gallery. San Francisco (USA)

2023 Freaky Flower. September Gallery. Upstate (USA)

2023 Viewing Room. Perrotin. New York (USA)

2022 Dwellers Part 1. Perrotin. New York (USA)

2022 Dwellers Part 2. Perrotin. Paris. (FR)

2021 Addison Ripley. Washington DC (USA)

2021 Winston Wachter Fine Art. New York, NY

2019 Encounters I. Cristina Grajales Gallery. New York (USA)

2018 Metro Pictures. Brooklyn location. (USA)

2018 Sutures. Marc Straus Gallery.New York (USA)

2017 Intertwined. Brooklyn (USA)

2017 Nothing Twice. John Doe, Brooklyn (USA)

2016 Absolute Beginner. Lucien Terras. New York (USA)

2016 Splotch. Sperone Westwater Gallery and Lesley Heller Workspace. New York (USA)

2015 Art on Paper art fair. Winston Wächter Fine Art. New York (USA)

2015 Divine Disruption. The Gallery 1GAP. Brooklyn (USA)

2015 Drawing Redefined. deCordova Museum & Sculpture Park, Lincoln (USA)

2014 143 Reade Street. Lucien Terras Projects, New York (USA)

2013 143 Reade Street. Lucien Terras Projects, New York (USA)

2012 Contemporary Watercolor. Morgan Lehman Gallery. New York (USA)2011 Contain, Maintain, Sustain. Artisphere. Arlington (USA)

2011 Addison/Ripley Gallery. Washington (USA)

2010 Weekly Rotations (#5). Sara Meltzer Gallery. New York (USA)

2009 Paper Trail v.5. Intimate Gestures. Judi Rotenberg Gallery. Boston (USA)

2008 Untitled (Show 2). Kate Werble Gallery.New York (USA)

2008 Drawn to Detail. deCordova Museum & Sculpture Park. Lincoln (USA)

2008 Infinite Line. Contemporary Drawing in Time and Space. Rotunda Gallery. Brooklyn (USA)

2004 Michael Steinberg Fine Art. New York (USA)

2002 Be my little valentine. James Graham and Sons Gallery. New York (USA)

2002 Jay Grimm Gallery. New York (USA)

2000 Abstraction: Form to Field. Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland (USA)

2000 4 PLY. 3 Crosby St. New York (USA)

1999 Three painters. Jay Grimm Gallery. New York (USA)

1998 Works on Paper. Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland (USA)

1998 Wall Paper. Nicholas Davies Gallery, New York (USA)

1998 FRESH. Addison/Ripley Gallery. Washington DC (USA)

Public collections

The Equitable Life Assurance. New York (USA)

Goldman Sachs. New York (USA)

Tools as art. The John W. Hechinger, Sr. Collection, Washington DC (USA)

Microsoft Corporation. Redmond, Washington (USA)

Reckson Associates. New York (USA)

Ritz Carlton. New York (USA)

US Embassy. Paraguay, Art in Embassies. US Department of State (USA)

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