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Dorian Büchi (B. 1989, Lausanne) is a Swiss artist based in Zurich.

Embedded in Dorian Büchi’s art is a profound yearning to capture the essence of the natural world and the evolving disconnect we are experiencing. Through painting, sculptures and print making, he explores universal themes like health and wellness as well as more intimate subjects like memories, addiction and our intricate relationship to the inevitable.

Amidst the backdrop of the pandemic, Büchi found inspiration in the resilience of cacti, fascinated by their adaptive prowess, elevating these succulent plants as unsung heroes. His work serves as a commentary on the Anthropocene, underscoring the distorted rapport between humanity and the rest of the natural world, where our symbiotic connection with nature has been severed and dangerously trivialized.

More recently, Dorian has pivoted to painting self-portraits, portraits, and still lives. These compositions delve into intimate subjects like angst, addiction, death, and the quest for bodily and mental optimization through fasting and exploration of various methodologies, as often gleaned from obsessive research and popular podcasts.

In his recent works, the artist frequently paints cropped images that allude to social media, purposefully zooming to evoke tension and mystery. Through this cropping and manipulation, he reflects our visually saturated and distorted digital lives, providing food for thought on the fragmented moments we curate and consume as if their nutritious.

Delving into more personal subjects, the artist navigates raw and emotive inner landscapes. His art becomes a pathway to introspection, offering viewers a profound glimpse into the human experience through deeply personal storytelling.


Parsons School Of Design. New York City (USA)

Zhdk, Zurich University Of The Arts. Zurich (CH)

Solo Shows

2024 Self-portraits, Portraits And Still Lives. GALERIE MIGHELA SHAMA. Artsy. (Online)

2021 Solo Show. Anton Bortis. Zurich (CH)

2021 Solo Show. Ileana. Brisbane (AU)

2020 Résilience. Galerie Mighela Shama. Geneva (CH)

2019 Haute Route. Galerie Mighela Shama. Geneva (CH)

Group Shows (selected)

2022 Psychic Self-Defence. Galerie Mighela Shama. Geneva (CH)

2021 There is always tomorrow. MFA graduate show. Löwenbräu. Zurich (CH)

2021 Draw a Map to Get Lost. Bahnhof Zurich & Oerlikon. Zurich (CH)

2020 Stay at Home. Sal-on-line. Online

2013 New#1. Gerson Zevi. New York City (USA)

2013 Reflections & Refractions. Gerson Zevi. New York City (USA)

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